Logaholic turns itself off

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Hi, just wondering why my Logaholic keeps turning itself off? Every time I go to view my site's stats it says it has been disabled, and to re-enable it to use it - which I do - and then rinse/repeat a few days later. Thanks for the help.
I'm sorry to hear about the logaholics issue, I'll see what I can do to help.

Are other users having this problem?

I'm not aware of any other customers having this problem, your question is the first time this has been brought to attention. I even did some searching on the web, and actually wasn't able to find others reporting a similar problem with logaholics disabling itself.

My own testing of logaholics

I logged into my testing cPanel account, and I saw the following message: Logaholic Web Analytics processing is currently disabled. You may proceed to Logaholic to view any previously processed web statistics. Go to Choose Log Programs to enable Logaholic processing. Unlike your situation, I don't see an option to enable logaholics. The Choose Log Programs feature only allows administrators to enable logaholic, so you wouldn't be able to enable / disable it on a share server.

We'll need more information to help further

  • What exactly did you see, how did you enable logaholics?
  • Are you on a shared server, or a vps / dedicated server?
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