Webmail won't save to sent

  • Answered
In both Horde and Roundcube, sent emails will not save to the sent folder. When I click on sent items in Roundcube, it says "connection to storage server failed." I can click on the sent items folder in Horde, but it is empty.

When I send a message in Horde, it says "Message sent, but not saved."

This happens on multiple computers and multiple browsers. Can you help?
Hello Heartofthecustomer, Thanks for the question and sorry to hear about your issues with the webmail. Typically, this issue is the result of a folder permissions problem. I went ahead and ran a script to make sure that appropriate permissions are on the folders. I then created an email account and tested it with Roundcube and double-checked the folder. I can see that the SENT folder saved my sent email. Please let us know if the issue persists. If you (or anyone) has this problem in the future, you can either send a verified email to live technical support, or call or chat. You can use the support center for this to be fixed as well, but only as long as your login is associated to an account that is valid. Regards, Arnel C.