My account was suspended

  • Answered
My server suspended 12 hours ago, no reason, no warning, no notice. I try to contact with 2 support via live chat, 2 support via email but they can't help you resolve it.
Can you please check and give me a guys can help to resolve?
Hello haosucu, and sorry to hear your account was suspended. I've gone ahead and un-suspended your account for you for the time being. If you took a look at the account suspension article that was sent in your email notice, it looks like one of the things mentioned could be at fault. After reviewing your access logs, it would seem you had a large surge in traffic to a site not optimized for that level of usage. Which you can see reviewing your CPU usage graphs took your account outside of your resource limits. I'll send you a direct email with more information, but essentially it looks like you had a lot of image traffic from Google causing a larger than normal amount of usage for your account. Please let us know if you had any further questions. - Jacob