Move to InMotion Hosting email settings for Office 365

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I want to move my website and domain to inmotion hosting, currently all the emails have been setup to office 365. After I move my website and domain what are the setting which I need to do in cpanel so that I don’t disturb our office 365 email configuration (sending/receiving). I want to keep the email with office 365 how it is.
The problem with Arn's response is that your email would now be being handled by inmotion's email servers. This extra layer, or stop along the way, if you will, slows traffic, and complicates troubleshooting WHEN you need to do it. Moreover, if you are required to abide by HIPAA regulations, you are adding a layer of potentially insecure (as defined by HIPAA) technology to your email traffic. You are perfectly within your rights to host your website at one service, like inmotion, while keeping your domain registration and DNS hosting at, which allows for full DNS control and the ability to route mail directly to Microsoft's HIPAA compliant mail servers.
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Hello, Thanks for the question. When you move your domain name, you will need to change your email server settings for Office 365. The information for finding the settings to use can be found in our article how to find your email settings. Once you have those settings changed then email will be sent and received at our email servers. Office365 uses these settings to be able to get the email so that you can read them or compose new ones and send them. I hope that helps to clear up the question. Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.