'E-Commerce Ready' feature and trial option

InMotionFans 7 years ago in Other / Tools 0
Hey There!
I am an OSClass user. I was going through your Plans and have got 2 questions-
1. The 'Launch' Plan shows a cross against e-commerce. So does that mean i cannot have Paid-Ads/Premium Ads feature in my OSClass based classifieds site if i go by 'Launch Plan'? Those features won't work with 'Launch Plan'?
2. Is there a Trial hosting option for a few days/weeks from Inmotion Hosting?
3. Being an OSClass user i would like to avail the 30% discount provided, do i have to enter some coupon code for that while paying?

Hello Puneet, Thank you for your questions today about the E-Commerce ready feature. I have the answers for you below: 1) While you can use the Launch plan even for your ecommerce, you will most definitely benefit from the Power's increased number of items such as databases. The Launch Plan has 2 databases. Ecommerce sites use at least one database for their store. Many store owners also include some sort of community, usually a blog. This would also take up another database, leaving you with none to spare. It is very wise to have at least one extra database for development and testing and backup so you do not interfere with the live store. For that you would need at least the Power Plan so you have more than 2 databases. That is the main difference, however, you can still use all the Paid-Ads/Premium Ads on the Launch the same as the Power or Pro plans can. 2) While there is no 'Free Trial' period, we do have a 90 day full money-back guarantee on new annual accounts. So if you try it and do not like it within 90 days, you get your money back. 3) In order to qualify for the OSClass discount you simply need to contact our sales department. This can be done either via phone ( (US)888-321-4678 ext1 or (international)+1.757-416-6575 ext 1) or chat. We look forward to having you as a customer! Regards, Scott M