Do you really move WordPress sites for no charge?

  • Answered
Last moth I paid BlueHost $100 to move my WordPress site Long story short, they botched the job and are now telling me they're not coders and it's my problem to fix a site that was working just fine before they move it. (It's not a huge site or even a fancy site.) Do you guys really move sites for free? I don't mind paying but I do expect it to work after the move!
Go to and purchase Back-Up Buddy. It's the best tool for migrating and restoring WordPres sites. It will be the best $80.00 you ever spent.
Hello InMotionFans, Thanks for the question. Yes, InMotion technical support can definitely move your site for you, but there are always circumstances that may complicate it depending on your installation requirements. To help list out all of the typical issues for a migration, you can review the Pre-website Transfer Checklist. This will tell you all of the typical things that you should bear in mind when moving your site. Additionally, we have extensive documentation on moving WordPress websites. In general, WordPress migrations are very straightforward, but please review the documentation in order to be prepared should a complication occur or other requirement be needed in order to successfully transfer you website. I hope this helps to clarify the issue for you! Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.