WooCommerce Variations

  • Answered
I'm developing my company's website using Wordpress and WooCommerce, and we have a couple of products that we're using variations on. The problem is that we apparently have too many variations, and now, any changes or additions to variations won't save. WooCommerce support is saying this could be ModSecurity? If this is in fact the problem, how can we change it? Thanks for your help!
Hello AmsecSafes, and thanks for the great question. I took a look on your server and was unable to find any indication of ModSecurity rules being triggered on your website. I did some searching and came across a post on the WordPress forums regarding this exact problem. It was mentioned that when following the steps for WooCommerce product variations that under the Add variations section that a Price is required, and that if one isn't entered the variation won't be displayed. Can you confirm that you have prices entered in for each of your variations and that you're still having this issue? - Jacob