Moodle Backup not working after migration

  • Answered
The inMotion team recently transferred my site. I am now getting constant errors that the automated backup is failing. Here is an example of the error message:
Courses: 6
OK: 0
Skipped: 4
Error: 0
Unfinished: 2
Warning: 0

Some of your courses weren't saved!!

Please take a look at your backup logs in:

The report referenced by the URL in the message does not give any further information, other than some course backups were "unfinished".

I have updated manually to the most current release of Moodle, 2.5.2. The errors keep on coming.

What are the recommended Moodle backup settings for the inMotion servers?

John Jackson
Hello JohnJa, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the Moodle database backup. I was unable to view the link you provided as it brings me to a login screen. I also checked to see if there was any documentation in regards to possible issues with backup after migration. If your URL changed, then you may need to look at this article: Moodle Backup problem after migrating. We do not have any specific settings for backing up Moodle on an InMotion Hosting server. You can review the creating a Moodle backup tutorial that we provide. However, the problem may simply revolve around path specific issues that may different on this server from your previous host. If you can provide more information on how to see your backup logs, then we may be able to review and see what's causing the problem. Sorry again for the issues you're seeing for the Moodle backup. Regards, Arnel C.