Long wait for database restoration

  • Answered
This is the 2nd time I asked for a reinstall - they DON'T check to verify it worked! My site is down and they send a message saying all ok! HA!
Support verified that they did not install the Database! Yet, they sent me an email saying the database was installed.
It has been 9 hours since I sent ANOTHER email asking them to TRY again and to THIS TIME VERIFY it was done. Yet, no reply!
My website is still done!
I apologize for any issues that you are having with the restoration. Unfortunately, we can't restore your database within a public request such as this. It can take a bit of time for our systems team to complete a restore based on the number of requests in the queue as well as the time it takes for the actual restore to be imported. By contacting support via phone, chat, or ticket, they can provide you with a more up to date status of your requests.