I Keep getting locked out of Wordpress

  • Answered
I've installed security plugins, followed every article on here about securing my wordpress installation and I still get locked out several times a day. This is getting out of hand, is there anything that can be done so this doesn't happen? It's happening more and more frequently. I'm all up to date on WP, themes, and plugins.
I have called in no less than four times asking that you NOT lock down my site. I've already changed the admin username and used a strong password. Four times you have told me that you would/you did take off the nanny, but again it appears. In every other respect I've been satisfied with InMotion for several years, but now I am now OFFICIALLY UNSATISFIED with InMotion. This lock-out nonsense is enough to have me move my VPS to another host. Can't you guys deal with this?
Hello bayinghoundales, Thank you for your question. We definitely understand your frustration, since the Wordpress attacks have caused a lot of trouble for us too. If your WordPress admin access has been blocked because of the recent WordPress wp-login.php brute force attack affecting multiple web hosts, adding your IP address to the .htaccess file should allow you back in (you can also wait 20 minutes for the lockout to stop). This is part of our full article on the Wordpress brute force attacks. If you still cannot get into Wordpress after adding your IP address to the .htaccess file, an additional security plugin may be interfering. You can troubleshoot this by renaming the plugins folder. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul