OpenCart Downloadable products not working

  • Answered
I am creating Ebook site on opencart.My requirement is once they purchase the product after payment they have to download.
I have added file in Catalog>downloads
Then added a product in link tab for downloads(autocomplete) i selected that product too.
In system>setting >edit>option downloads is clicked yes.

Further wat will be blocking in downloads?
Hi riya90, It sounds like you're following the correct steps for selling downloadable products in OpenCart, but if you havn't already, be sure to review the following tutorial: Creating a Downloadable Product in OpenCart If you've followed those steps and it's still not working, please describe the issue you're having with a few more details.
  • For example, are you getting any error messages? If so, what are they?
  • If you are not getting any error messages, what exactly is happening when someone tries to download a product? Can you give us a url that we can test with?
  • Thanks, - Brad