Joomla modules overlap

  • Answered
on my joomla 2.5.11 template on a position(position-1) of template i have multiple modules(top menu and search bar) but it appears on site that the menus and the search bar are overlapping each other. It can be checked on the domain

please help
Hi buydaddy, In my opinion, it appears you have four options:

Remove items from your menu

In your menu, you have 6 "categories", the last one being "Audio Accessories". If you remove the "Audio Accessories" drop down, does that fix the issue? This may not be the best solution as it affects your navigation, but it could be quick / temporary solution.

Move your search to another module position

If you don't want to remove anything from your menu, then you may want to try moving your search tool to a different module position on your page.

Edit your template

If you are familar with html / php, then you could edit your Joomla template. This option is for more advanced users, but it would allow you to edit your site and have full control.

Contact your Template Developer

It appears you are using the VM Blend Virtuemart Template. You may want to contact them and find out if they have any recommendations, as they developed the template your site is using. I hope this helps. Thanks! - Brad