How to setup email from Vtiger Customer Portal

  • Answered
In the Vtiger Customer Portal module you have to setup the settings for an Outgoing Server. The required fields are Server Name, User Name, Password, From Email, and then a checkbox for Requires Authentication.

What are the proper entries to use?
Hi mbigdado, The exact email settings to use are different for everyone, based upon their own accounts. Server Name For you server name settings, you can find more information in our email getting started guide. Generally, your server name will be - be sure to replace with your actual domain name. User name / password Your user name and your from email should be the same setting, which is the email address (all lowercase) you created within your cPanel. The password will be the password you set for your email account. If you haven't created an email account yet, please see this article for more help. Requires Authentication Yes, when setting up email, you should enable the option for SMTP Authentication. I hope this helps! Thanks, - Brad