How can I see how many mobile visitors I have?

  • Answered
I want to get an idea of what percentage of site visitors access the site through mobile devices. None of the stats I have seen give a very clear overview. What am I missing?
Hello ElwoodNose, Thanks for the question! There are a number of ways you can find this information. I would first try using the Logaholics application in the cPanel. It's also about making sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices - you can use media queries to help determine how your traffic is accessing your site. Check out this article on Responsive Web Design. We also have a tutorial on directing your visitors to a mobile version. There are also better analytics programs available such as Google Analytics. They have some information on the topic here: Google analytics - mobile analytics. Basically, if your site is optimized for mobile viewers and your site responds to these visitors by automatically moving them into that portion of your website, then you can begin to see how your mobile visitor traffic is doing. If everyone's accessing the same pages and you're not querying your visitors for what type of browser they're using, then you won't be able to tell. There's a lot of information on it out there, but try reviewing this page on the topic: Tracking Mobile Visitors with Google Analytics. It's a pretty good article that breaks it down in general terms first so you get an idea of how it's being done. I hope this helps to give you the information you require! Let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.