I can't compress files through the File Manager on the cpanel

  • Answered
As soon as I select the files and clic on compress the system keeps showing the 'compressing' window... I have waited hours and it never actually compresses the files.
Hello Ecordova06, Sorry to hear that you're having problems with the compression of files. You should be able to use the File Manager to compress/uncompress files. I logged into your File Manager, selected a few files and it worked for me. The steps are basically: 1) Select the file(s) to compress - Click on Compress. 2) Select the compression type you want to use 3) Click on the Compress Files button and the files are compressed. Are you able to go through all of these steps for a single file? If you're having continual problems, please reply to this message and indicate the exact steps you are taking so that we can attempt to duplicate the issue. Also indicate the files you are trying to compress. Apologies again for the issues! Please let us know if you continue to require further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.