I have a "squatter" on my website

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On my www.dawnhaven.co.nz home page at the bottom appearing almost to be out of the frame there is a Company advertising vacation trips to Vietnam !!

Not sure of the relevance of posting something like this on a Bed & Breakfast website in New Zealand but am concerned that something else is being masked behind it. What measures should I be taking ? I should add that I have been using Joomla to create the site.

Thanks as always for your help.
Hello Bickie, Thank you for your question. I cannot see the errors you are seeing at this time, but it sounds like your website was hacked. I checked your website using Sucuri sitescanner, and your version of Joomla is outdated, I highly recommend updating this software. Essentially, outdated software is open to malware/hacks, which are addressed in updates. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul
You're correct. At the bottom of each of your pages, is code that's providing links to other sites. I don't know if you installed (let's assume not-purposely) something for Joomla that automatically added. If you look at every page's code you'll find the following that you'll want to select and delete. "

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