*.com only resolves on top level of subdomain

  • Answered
I have the domain moderngeezer.com. It points to
easyslotjackpots.com/moderngeezer. (easyslotjackpots.com is the main domain).

It gets to the root level of the wordpress install, but when another page is clicked within that directory, I don't see moderngeezer.com/page, but instead see http://easyslotjackpots.com/moderngeezer/?p=101

How can this be fixed?
Hello Brienlee, Thanks for the question and sorry to hear you're having a little difficulty with the WordPress site. The good news is that it should be a very simple fix. You should read Changing the home URL. This is easier to see if you look at manual method further down the page. You most likely installed the site using the subdomain. You simply need to designate the site URL to be moderngeezer.com. You can find this in the General Settings of the WordPress dashboard. Try changing it and then let us know if you still require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.