Why is server certificate expired?

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My name is John Foss, administrator of stepagency.com on secure70.inmotionhosting.com. We have a team of users who are all asking why their email software suddenly is telling them their server is untrusted. I have a screenshot of the message, which indicates that the certificate expired on Aug. 26 (when we started seeing these). COMODO SSL seems to be the organization providing the certificate. Is there something we should be doing, or are we waiting on you to renew your certificate? See the screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2106000/certificate.png
John Foss
[email protected]

Hello John Foss, Sorry to hear that you have received some complaints on the SSL certificate for biz70. It was recently renewed, so the people seeing the security alert should simply refresh the page. SSL certificates can typically be renewed up to 30 days after expiration, but we do try to keep on top it. Our apologies if you were seeing the message and it was causing concern. Here's a confirmation of the current certificate: Secure 70 certificate update - SSLshopper.com. If you continue to see problems with the certificate, please let us know immediately. Regards, Arnel C.