I want to track all the users at the same time

  • Answered
Thanks for quick response . as u send me the answer but it is good "grader report" for single user tracking. I want to track all user at the same time that out of total user how many have completed the quiz. so that i can reassign them
Hello shashi, No problem, if you have follow-up questions on a post you've made here. Please be sure to comment on your previous question to keep it all under one question instead of opening up a new question for the same topic. The Moodle Grader Report does allow for you to track multiple users and not just one at a time. Please reference step 3 in that article, and you can see there are multiple users displayed with their grade completions at once. If you wanted to move around multiple users at once, I believe you'd have to start going manually into the Moodle database with phpMyAdmin from the cPanel. Running a query that only shows users that have not completed a quiz, and then another query to reassign them. Let us know if you had any other questions. - Jacob