Hosting migration, mx records

  • Answered

I have to move a website to another hosting but keep the domain. The client currently has email set up with google apps and the mx records are set up accordingly on the old server.

This person cannot afford to wait a few hours for the mx records to propagate. I am wondering if first I can set up the mx records on the new server to give them time to propagate and after a few hours set up the new nameservers for the domain.

I thought if doing so, until the nameservers propagate the email will still work with the old hosting, and after that the email will work with the new hosting. I am hoping this could avoid the mx records propagation period. Would this work in theory?

Hello SolDiez, Thank you for your question. Yes, the way you suggested is the best way to avoid email downtime: On the server where you are going to host the nameservers; Add the domain, Create the MX records, then allow 24 hours for propagation (keep in mind that it may work for you, but not for other people until propagation completes). After allowing time for propagation, you can point to the new Nameservers. If you are pointing to us, here is our guide on updating the Nameservers. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul