What's the Purpose of the WWW Folder?

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in my file manager there is the public.html where I believe the resident website sits. I just noticed there is a www file as well with all the same files- and seems they have the same revision dates. Does Inmotion maintain use the www as a backup?

Hello Remcon, Thanks for the question! It's a good one! Hopefully, my explanation will make it all clear. The WWW folder that you can see in the cPanel File Manager is what we call a "symbolic link". Basically, it's a mirror of the public_html folder. When you're looking in the WWW folder, you're looking at the public_html. It is not the backup folder. The answer to our question is NO. We do not maintain WWW for backup purposes. Backups are not saved on the same server. Check out the link above for the specific uses of a symbolic link. All file transfers or modifications should be made in the PUBLIC_HTML folder (not in the WWW folder). I hope this explains the WWW for you. Please let us know if you continue to have any further questions or comments! Regards, Arnel C.