Cannot access SSH

  • Answered
I'm helping my client to setup a new site, but cannot connect to SSH. I've restarted the SSH server in WHM, but it's still not working. It would timeout, so it looks like the firewall is blocking it, or I'm connecting to the wrong port. Could you check for me if there is anything missing?

My client's user name is "goldco22" and have the website "" and "".

Hello Zxcjason, Sorry to hear you're having problems with SSH. You are probably correct, the firewall will block the IP address if you did not add the IP through the Web Host Manager(WHM). Read through this article for Adding Your IP to the Firewall. Once you have done that then you should be able to get log in using SSH with no problems. If you continue to have a problem with SSH, or if you have any further questions, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.