getting database errors

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I have a site that has been up for over 2 years.
Recently upgraded to Joomla 2.5.14. I am trying to upgrade a component, I have upgraded this component many times, it is my own classified ads manager.
When I try the install I now get database errors on a simple query of SHOW CLOUMNS from tablename. This portion has not been altered.
in myPHPadmin I ran an analyze on the database and a repair, no errors.
I took an Akeeba backup, downloaded it to my desktop and installed it. I then ran the component upgrade and it worked fine???
Hello Ebohatch, Sorry to hear that you're seeing problems with the database! The problem with your comparison is that the supporting components on the web server as opposed to your desktop are going to be different. So, while you got it to work on your desktop, there may be something -for example, the PHP version, that might be different that is causing the problem. There is a possibility that something with the version on the current server that you're on is causing the problem - especially if the database is okay. Did you try taking the backup database and seeing if you could upgrade it on the server? You can find versions of PHP and MySQL version in the left side of the cPanel. Make sure that these versions are causing the problem that you're seeing (after trying the database backup). If you're still having problems with the database, please let us know and we can a deeper look into it. Regards, Arnel C.