Hello, quick question. can I compress my live site via FTP file manager?

  • Answered
I know I can compress it, my concern is will anything happen to my live site.. the original files will stay there as is just with the compressed zip or rar along side correct?
in other words I have nothing to worry about in compressing my live site into a downloadable zip or rar right?

Thank you all in advance
Hello Juan, and thanks for the great question! As you've already figured out, you can in fact compress and uncompress files in the File Manager within cPanel. Simply compressing your files will not affect your "live" site in any way. However please do keep in mind that if you have a large amount of files, or ones of great size, it's not ideal to start large compression jobs during peak server times of the day (1-5PM PST in your server's case), or to duplicate your backups again and again. Also I'd be careful about simply leaving a compressed version of your site remaining in the /public_html/ directory. There's not a very high chance of it, but being that it's public there, technically someone could grab it and possible get database passwords or other things stored in your server-side scripts. You can also always backup website files in cPanel and restore website files in cPanel, but these partial backups do also include your emails which might not be necessary in your case. Please let us know if you had any other questions at all! - Jacob