Hello Simona, Thanks for the question! And sorry for the confusion with the migration process. That article is just one in a series of articles for migrating WordPress. You can see the list here: 202: Migrating your Existing WordPress site to InMotion Hosting. The process of migration is up to you as there's no one way to do it. Typically,it's simply easier to get and transfer the database and the WordPress content files. The main migration would then be the database and making sure of all of your content files are in the right place. The only headache after that would be the re-install of your plugins and making sure your links are all correct and working. However the main advantage of doing this is insuring that you have a fresh set of the WordPress base files and also the latest version of the plugin files. I hope that helps to answer your question. If you still need assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.