Embedding a video into a webpage

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I am attempting to embed a video into a webpage which is a combination of PHP, CSS, HTML. I have successfully used one method but the attempt to use mediaplayer.swf as detailed in this article: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/website-design/adding-videos-website/embedding-video-directly-into-webpage is failing. I see a "black box" and can hear sound but there is no video. Here is a link to the being-tested code: http://gm-rms-cnestu310.com/testvideos/newvideos.php
Hello Green_Manelishi, Sorry to see that your video is not working. I am seeing it playing below the black box that's just playing audio. I spent some time looking up support for mediaplayer.swf and I found ONE good article that really states that the issue is video encoding. For some reason the mediaplayer.swf (which is very old), needs a specific encoding of flash video. Here's the article reference I'm referring to (this is an old topic, so some links don't work in the post): Unable to play video - Longtailvideo.com They explain that some video needs to be encoded differently for flash. The flash link they give doesn't work, so I would suggest the following: Adobe: Flash Encoding articles The first link is especially good for this issue: Best Practices for encoding video for Flash I think that if you encode with a codec that is supported then it will play in mediaplayer.swf. You may also want to give some thought to playing the videos from Youtube or Vimeo, especially, if the videos are fairly long. Embedding videos on a web server not meant to distribute them is not recommended. Check out this article on embedding videos using Youtube. Apologies that I can't correct it directly here in the post. However, I think that if you encode it correctly, then it should work. I checked our tech support notes for our account, and the suggestion that you include the MIME type was not correct as MP4 is already supported on server per your cPanel Mime types. What I have read about encoding the video should hopefully provide a better solution for you. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.