In my site home page has error as 0

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Here i convert joomla 2.5 to joomla 3.0 .Currently running site is joomla2.5 . I Just copy modules and components from running site to joomla3.o.After Completion i run the site it display sql query as
SQL=SELECT a.`userid` as _userid , a.`status` as _status , a.`points` as _points, a.`posted_on` as _posted_on, a.`avatar` as _avatar , a.`cover` as _cover , a.`thumb` as _thumb , a.`invite` as _invite, a.`params` as _cparams, a.`view` as _view, a.`friends` as _friends, a.`groups` as _groups, a.`events` as _events, a.`friendcount` as _friendcount, a.`alias` as _alias, a.`profile_id` as _profile_id, a.`storage` as _storage, a.`watermark_hash` as _watermark_hash, a.`search_email` as _search_email, s.`userid` as _isonline, u.* FROM `jos_community_users` as a LEFT JOIN `jos_users` u ON u.`id`=a.`userid` LEFT OUTER JOIN `jos_session` s ON s.`userid`=a.`userid` AND s.`client_id` !='1' WHERE a.`userid`='0' Now What i Have do
Hello Arunrajesh,

Thank you for your question. We are happy to help, but the information you provided is a statement, instead of an error.

Was there also an error message?

Can you provide a link to the page where we can view the error?

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
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