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Do you have any articles or Education Channels that show how a new Joomla administrator can keep a new site secure? I've built my site, but before I go live with it, I'd like to know what to do to keep out the bad guys. I've heard that it's very important to do, but I need some instructions that make sense. Thanks:-)
Hello Jampff, Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, we don't really have a Joomla-specific article for securing your website. The one that we have is more general: Website Security. This article does include links for securing Joomla websites, but it's not very specific. There's a better article on this issue here: How Secure is your Joomla Website?. Also, check this one out: Securing your Joomla website. Although, I don't agree with his hosting site suggestions. The rest of the article (skip the video screen) is pretty good in that it lists some decent suggestions for securing your Joomla website. I hope that helps to provide you some direction in securing your Joomla website! If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.