When should my domain name on a new account become active?

  • Answered
I created a new account with a new (not moved) domain name last night. I got the confirmation call this morning (about 2 hours ago). Now my account works fine (AMP & cPanel) but when I try to access the domain webserver or e-mail, it says the DNS can't find it. In WHOIS, my domain still shows as available. Do I just need to wait?

Brandon Plewe
Hello Brandon, Thanks for the question! Typically, accounts are active after confirmation within 30 minutes. You should also see a welcome email welcoming you to the account. The main issue here is that you just registered your domain. This means that there will be some delay in recognition of the domain name on the internet due to DNS propagation. This typical with registration of new domain names. The servers on the internet need to be updated with your domain name in order for it to be recognized when you type it into a browser. If you can't wait, or if you're on a tight deadline, you can always install your WordPress site to the temp URL which is active as soon as the account is active. The main drawback is that you would need to change configuration settings back to the normal domain name after the propagation period expires. Typical propagation period is within 24 hours (usually far less). So, the recommended answer to your question is "Yes, please wait!" I hope that helps to clarify the issue! If you have any further questions or need more help, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.