Repeated hack attempts

  • Answered
Since June 1st, I've been getting multiple hack attempt a day. I use a sixteen character password that is unlikely to be hacked (boy have they tried). I also use the limit login plugin. Sometimes you guys have shut down all access to the login page because of so many attempts, and that's OK with me. My question is, what can be done to report these attacks to find out who is doing it?
Hello Mstrong, Thank you for contacting, this is a good question. First here is a helpful link to our full article on the Wordpress Brute Force attacks. We can review the IP address these Wordpress attacks are originating from, but for the most part they are coming from other compromised hosting accounts, or websites. Unfortunately, this means when we track the IP address, it is typically owned by another victim of the hacks, or a computer that has malware/viruses. Wordpress websites are a popular target for hackers, since it the most common platform, with millions of users. If you are using a strong password, and have read the guide on "10 recommended steps to lock down and secure WordPress" you should be protected from the many attempts to access your site. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul