an ecommerce question

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I currently have a power plan with InMotion Hosting and want to set up a shopping cart to start online art gallery sales. I took the power plan because it was "ecommerce ready". My question, how do I choose which shopping cart is best for me and will there be additional costs?

I have been told that shopify is a good but do not see it on the list of ecommerce software listed with InMotion Hosting.

I'm new at this and have no experience with ecommerce. You had many articles but I didn't know where to begin... do you have any suggestion?
Hello Onview, Thanks for your question! It's a tough question because there are many options. We do have a primer on choosing an ecommerce option here, but I want to also include a few other possibilities:
  • PrestaShop - yet another FREE option that has a lot of potential to provide a beautiful ecommerce website.
  • with Ecommerce plugin - originally a blog software, but with many, many options including ecommerce solutions that make this easy to use software also a possible ecommerce solution.
And there so many other possible solutions that I can't list them all. One thing to take into account is the size of the website and its complexity. If you're building it yourself, remember to give your self some time to learn the solution you're going to using. Additionally, evaluate each solution by trying it out. Everything that I have listed above are FREE solutions. You're welcome to load it and then see if it's a good fit for you. I know it's a tough solution, but take your time to look at each possible solution and determine which best fits your needs. By the way, if you have a hosting account with us already, then you may want to check out Softaculous - which is an install program that a can quickly load or uninstall many different types of programs (including these ecommerce solutions). If you want more details on each program without having to load it, make sure to visit the home pages of each and checkout the show cased websites. This will give you some ideas as to their potential. I hope this helps to provide some answers and point you in a good direction to find information to make an informed decision. If you require any further assistance, please let us know. Kindest Regards, Arnel C.