Alignment of Product Options

  • Answered

I noticed an anomaly with regard to the way product options display on some product pages.

Notice for example:

Dog Beds>big Sky Blanket.
Notice how the product options are lined up nice?

Now look at:

Dog Beds>Organic Bumper Bed
Notice how the product options are all messed up? This is happening on several pages. How do I fix it?
Hello Simon, Thanks for the question! Apologies for the delay in providing the answer to this question. Basically, the main problem here is that the Product image being used in that view is affecting the placement of the text. Its size is set too large. You can change the setting as follows:
  1. Login to the OpenCart Administrator
  2. Click on System>Settings
  3. Click on EDIT for the store you're managing
  4. Click on the IMAGE tab
  5. Reduce the size of the PRODUCT IMAGE THUMB SIZE (it's currently set to 250px. You can set it to 230px and it should be fine)
  6. Click on SAVE to save your changes
The theme is most likely the reason that these default settings don't work. Try reducing the size and then you should see the alignment change. If you want to keep it the same, you will need to customize the theme layout for that page. This may differ based on the theme, so I can't give you exact steps. In the default theme, you would be dealing with the PRODUCT.TPL file. Your best bet for more information on the issue would be contact the maker of the theme and ask how to slide everything over. If you want to see an OpenCart forum post on the issue of changing the product page, please go here. Regards, Arnel C.