WordPress on InMotion

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I tried the chat session but really couldn't get any answers from InMotion sales. I'm looking to redesign a website using WordPress. A client of mine recently moved to InMotion and has been happy.

I'm wondering whether anyone out there has used WordPress hosted by InMotion? Are there any performance issues that are noticeable? Any InMotion hosted WordPress public sites that I might take a look at?

Any information would be beneficial. Thanks.

Russ Foszcz

Hi Russ, and thanks for checking us out!

As with any WordPress website, some important aspects of your performance are going to be related to how many plugins you're trying to actively run, how much traffic you're getting on which platform (Shared | VPS | Dedicated), and also if you've implemented a caching plugin to help cut down on duplicate database calls.

Hopefully some of our customers will speak up here on this question of performance for you with their own experiences, but for the time being you can also always check out our own publicly hosted WordPress powered sites here:

InMotion Hosting Blog

InMotion Hosting Employment Blog

We also have a great WordPress education channel, were commended for our handling of recent WordPress brute force attacks back in April, and we attend WordPress Meetups to connect with real world WordPress users to expand our knowledge to help our customers.

Anyways thanks again for taking a look at us for your WordPress hosting needs, and let us know if you have any questions at all!

- Jacob