How do I do a frame redirect? (Domain)

  • Answered
I attempted to redirect my domain to another website. It was successful, however when I would type in "" into the address bar, the subdomain I have with the other host still shows in the address bar.

How do I make it so that the URL shows in the address bar?
Hello Nextchapterdc, Thanks for the question. I'm not 100% sure about what you're asking, but I'll try to look at in two ways. If you don't have control of that other website, then you can't force YOUR domain name to show up for it. If you have access to that account, then you can only re-direct to it, and the other domain name will be what shows. That is the way a re-direct works. If you have control of the website that you're trying to re-direct to, then you can use a parked domain and it will re-direct to it - though you can't do that with the primary domain of your account (if you're hosting within InMotion). Or, you can try using an iFrame. This will allow you to have the website presented in a frame within your website. You can find out how to use an iFrame here. I hope this helps to resolve the problem you're having! If you require any further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.