I need to verify that my domains are properly registered

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I received the following text in two email for each of my domains registered through your company:
"Dear hawkeyeinspectionservice.net Licence Holder,

This notice is to inform you that the License for your Domain Name hawkeyeinspectionservice.net expired on 29-Jun-2013.

Please contact your existing Reseller InMotion Hosting Inc who is managing your Domain Name to renew this name on your behalf immediately.

If this Domain Name is still not renewed by 13-Jul-2013, the domain name may be DELETED or deactivated and as a result any web site or email connected to the domain name may no longer work.

Should the domain name be renewable after deactivation, an additional reactivation fee may be applied to the standard renewal price. The reactivation charge applies whether you had services eg email or a website associated with this domain name or not.

If this Domain Name is not renewed by the Renewal Deadline, it may be purchased by another party directly or set for CANCELLATION at the Registry and may eventually be put back into the 'pool' of Domain Names available to be registered by other applicants."

Please contact me at 502-608-9479 AND [email protected] to verify that my domains, hawkeyeinspectionservice.com and .net which I was billed for this year's registration, are indeed properly registered and are not at risk of being released.
Bill Hawkins
Hello Sailor1954!

Sorry or the trouble with the domain renewal. I checked your domain and made sure it renewed. Somehow the renewal did not go through the first time. Thank you for telling us and sorry for the trouble.

Best Regards,
James R