How do I delete the main ftp account or change the associated password

  • Answered
I gave my ftp and password details in error - I would now like to play safe and delete the main ftp account or change the associated password.

Normally changing the cpanel log in password will change the ftp password but it didn't happen.
Hi jonnel, You are correct, changing the cPanel password automatically changes the FTP password, as they are one in the same. If you've followed this guide when attempting to change your cPanel / FTP password and it is not working, then we may be looking at a server side issue possibly. You will need to email chat / email our support team ([email protected]) with a summary of the problem and the steps you have taken. They will then be able to escalate the issue to the appropriate team to review further. When you contact our support team, be sure to have the last 4 digits of the credit card on file so we can verify your account before escalating. Thanks, - Brad