Is this tutorial mislabeled?

  • Answered
Re: Tutorial Titled: How to create a custom PHP contact form with validation . Shouldn't this be titled How to Create Validation for a Form that is already created. I don't see how it helps me set up the form. I'm going to keep searching on the site for information regarding this.
Hello Jkonline, Thanks for you input! The form part of the code is actually at the bottom of the tutorial. You can't post email from HTML, so it's sent to the PHP code as it is in this tutorial. I double-checked and all of this code (the PHP and the HTML code for the form) could be in one PHP file and call itself, but it's better to separate the different elements. So the name is technically correct. If you want something easier to use, check out the tutorial using PHP mail to send emails from a form. Regards, Arnel C.