When using Drupal web forms, where in the drupal database are the entries saved for each form?

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I'm using Drupal webforms. I have questions on the form and the answers that are submitted are saved in a MYSQL database. Where in the database do I find that data?

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when i trying to make value for each radio button, i search in mysql phpadmin to see the name of tables ,i cannot see just in table(webform composent) Column (type ),where it 's
Written (select )
pls help me??? where i find radio button options like(never , always, sometime ) to add value for it by snippet php
Hello Shahkash, Our apologies for the problem you're having finding the value for the radio button. We are unfortunately having difficulty trying to determine the exact item that you're searching for. Can you please clarify the exact thing that you're searching for? If you can provide screenshots, it may help as well. If you make screenshots, please send them in an email to [email protected]. Make sure to label the subject of the email as "Community Support Team Question" so that we can find your email immediately. Also, if you send screenshots, please let us know by leaving another comment under this question. However, in spite of having trouble with your question, we did do a little research looking for possible answers. Check out this answer on How to save or insert selected radio buttons in a database. Hopefully, it's related to the question you have asked and provides the answer you require. Please let us know if you have any further questions or require further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.