Multishop set-up

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Dear all,

Can u please explain me how I manage multi store in prestashop?

I mean, if I have two different web adresses, and i set up one shop to be principal one, for the second shop do i have to use multi store settings?

I've set up the multistore, but without any results.

Thank you
Hello Danco77, Thanks for the question! Working in multistore in PrestaShop allows you to manage the stores with one installation of PrestaShop. The major advantage is that when you set up one store, then you can also make your settings apply to the other store. However, you can still separate the settings by selecting a specific store when you have to separate the changes that you apply to each. So, mainly, it is a management advantage and a big time saver. A good example of this occurs when you setup the multistore and you share the categories and data. Of course, sharing categories and data between stores is not required (especially of the shops are different), but it can save you a lot of time if your shops are basically identical, but in a different location. If you do check off the Multistore option under Preferences>General, you will need to go into Advanced Parameters>Multistore and setup your other shop. We have a tutorial for setting up the store in this mode. Check out this tutorial: Create Multistore group. Once you have this setup you can switch between shops with the multistore option and then make changes that can be applied to one store or both. I hope this helps to clarify the issue for you! Please let us know if we can be of more assistance! Regards, Arnel C.