How Do I Modify Tax Rates?

  • Answered
I need to enter taxes for each city in the state of Oklahoma. I started to make a new tax for each city. I then went to try and make a tax code for each city and soon realized I could not. How do I get all the different city taxes assigned to a single tax rule? Is it possible?
Hello NinaLucas, Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, when I attempt to find out more information on your account, I do not see any associated hosting accounts. I therefore can not determine the software you're using. When you are posting to a forum, it would help save time if you could please include the software you are referring to, a URL(if possible), and any steps to reproduce a problem. In this case you're simply asking for instructions on adding taxes - you also did this under the Billing section. I'm guessing that you're actually trying to do this in an ecommerce website? If you're using PrestaShop - please refer to the Taxes section of our PrestaShop education channel. If you're using OpenCart, check out the article on adding a new tax rate in OpenCart. If it's something else you're using, please specify and we will try to give you the information you require. Regards, Arnel C.