oscommerce shipping and returns change detail?

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Hi all,
I have just finished creating my oscommerce website, must say it is my 1st and I am quite happy with it thus far.

Need help though; How do i change the details in the information section at the bottom, specially my terms and conditions and shipping and returns?

Help will be appreciated.

J lombard
Hello jacolo, I am unsure if you mean you want to change the text of the links found in the Information block or the text on the specific pages for "Conditions of Use" and the "Shipping & Returns". So I will give you both. To edit the link text for the Information block, you will need to edit the file that contains the links. That is found in the following folder path: /includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_information.php If you are looking to add/edit text on the "Conditions of Use" and "Shipping & Returns" pages, then you will need to edit the respective pages as well. Their locations are listed below: Conditions of Use: /includes/languages/english/conditions.php Shipping & Returns: /includes/languages/english/shipping.php This assumes you are using the English language, if you were using another language, the folder named English would be whichever language you used. Best Regards, Scott M