How Do I Troubleshoot a 552 Email Error?

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I keep getting this error message, haave read here a lot, but not finding a solution. 552 5.2.0 sender rejected. AUP#O-1420

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Thanks for posting your question about troubleshooting a 552 Email Error. This error is very general and can display for multiple reasons. I recommend reviewing our article that explains the 552 Email Error more in-depth. This will help you to identify the reason why it is rejecting your email specifically. For instance, it may be because the message is too large, the attachment is a prohibited file type, or that the filters on the receiving server detected your email as spam.

In reading the additional "sender rejected" detail in the error message you submitted, it appears that this error may be caused by your domain not having a proper SPF record to authenticate with. I recommend reviewing your SPF record further to ensure your domain has the ability to authenticate email sent from your domain.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.