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how are you?(sorry ,about my english is n't very good)
I want to explique what I want to do exactly
when the student select one the option (never ,almost always, sometimes or rarely ) for all questions in a page then I will sum the answer for each question for ex:never = 0
rarly = 1
sometimes = 2
almost =3
always = 4

answer of q1 +answer q2 +answer q3 /( 3) number of questions
then I'll sent this Result to a report ,it will be some guidances to the students
how i do this by drupal , must I enter snippet php in drupal ???

thank you for your time
Hello shahkash, While I would think that you should be able to us a snippet, I have not seen the code you have. You will want to try using it via snippet as a test. Drupal has set out some guidelines for using php snippets in your website, follow those and you will be able to find out if your code will work there. Best Regards, Scott M