Moving blog from wordpress to inMotion

  • Answered
I've got several websites up on inMotion hosting and 3 blogs over at Wordpress. I'd like to bring at least one of the blogs over here, to be hosted by you, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this with the least amount of hassle and interruption. Do you have any walk-through information I could follow to help me with this transition? Also, is it possible to point a domain that's __.wordpress over to the new site or ?? I don't want to lose traffic and momentum. Thanks!
Hello citygirlfarming! You can move your blogs from Wordpress with out down time The following link is our guide on moving Wordpress sites to our server. How to Migrate your site to InMotion Hosting Once you have all your data imported you can update your domains nameservers. Your WordPress sites will start working on our server within 24 hours. You can test the site with the temporary URL, or with a hosts file modification. Best Regards, James R