How Do I Customize Moodle 2.5 Reports?

  • Answered
I want to create a report in moodle 2.5 that has field like name , coarse name, marks obtained , percentage, grade and also want download from moodle in excel format plese reply me procedure. Thanks in advance.
Hello shashi! Thanks for your question regarding how to customize Moodle 2.5 reports. Sorry for the long delay on this. We tried to make custom fields like you are suggesting. We were not able to find an immediate solution. We do have 2 articles on how to install and set up the Moodle Configurable Block. Please see the links below. Installing the Configurable reports block in Moodle Setting up the Configurable Reports Block in Moodle I believe you may be able to create custom user profile fields to achieve what you want. We do have a tutorial on that as well. Editing User profile fields in Moodle The custom user profile fields will show up in the report. I hope this helps you. Best Regards!