Has Anybody Using Frontpage 2003 Had the Following Error Message?

  • Answered
I cannot access my web site through Frontpage 2003. The message I receive is
The web server at http://www. does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services installed"
This is despite the fact that all extensions are installed .
Hello Bloodnut, Thanks for the question regarding the error displayed in Frontpage. The error you're seeing is because you have FrontPage configured to publish to a Windows server that has Sharepoint services loaded. Your account (with InMotion Hosting) does NOT use a windows-based server. All of our servers are Linux-based. You would need to go into Frontpage and remove the option that indicate it's going to a SharePoint Web server. The servers here can support FrontPage websites (that's what the extensions are set to do) . If you need further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.