Outgoing Email Server

  • Answered
I am trying to link outlook 2010 to my inmotion email. using the non-secure server for incoming, I am receiving mail into the box. I cannot find any combination of port number, server name, or security setting that allows outgoing mail. Ideas?
Hello Hendrickskm, Sorry to hear about your email setup issues. I'm not sure what your settings are, or if you're getting any specific errors. Typically, the setup for Outlook 2010 is very straightforward. You can review the documentation for how to setup Outlook 2010 and it includes a video that should hopefully make it easy. If you're still confused about it, please provide some information on your settings and we would be glad to help. If you want to handle the issue privately (as all posts on the support center are public), then you should contact our live technical support team on this issue. Regards, Arnel C.