How do you login to MySQL with the master password?

  • Answered
How do I avoid: Warning! You are logged in with the reseller or root password
I cannot access the sql using my master password
Hello JohnSibley, This error occurs when you are using your root seller username and password. As a VPS/Dedicated acount hilder, you have both a regular cPanel and a reseller username/password by default. If you have root access activated, you will also have a root username and password. Whenever you log into a cPanel account using either the reseller password or the root password, you will have a couple of areas you do not have access to. Be sure you log into the cPanel with that account's username/password so that will not occur. If you are unsure of the cpanel account password or have set the root and the cpanel password to be the same, you can change it by following our article on basic tasks performed in WHM (including changing passwords). Also, if the cPanel password you want to change is your main account cPanel, you can do it via the AMP (Account Management Panel). Best Regards, Scott M