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We are considering the purchase of your VPS hosting plans as our site slowly starts to exceed current hosting environment but before we chip in, we will need some answers on the matter of site content.

Basically, the site is of "adult only" type and its content might be offensive for some.
If you want to review it, site can be reached here:

We are however taking all necessary measures to prevent users for posting illegal material defined by our ToS

and they mostly comply with it.
Those that do not are banned and content removed within 24-48 hours.

Our current hosting plan will expire on July 13th and we would be thankful for a response wethere we can host such content on your servers.

Thanks in advance for your reply
Hello Singe80,

Unfortunately, our current terms of service would not allow an adult type of site even though it is apparent that your site is being very responsible in regards to monitoring content and members.

Best Regards,
Scott M