I'm trying to create a second WP blog on my domain.

  • Answered
I own the domain tracyrowan.org. I want to start a second blog there, and have created a subdomain family.tracyrowan.org to house it. However every time I try to install I get the following error message: "The MySQL Database could not be selected." I'm really at the end of my knowledge of this sort of thing and can use some help. Thanks.
Thank you for your question Tracyr5! Your current plan "Basic" or "Launch" plan only comes with 2 databases. In order to get more databases, you will need to upgrade your plan to a "Power" Plan. If you look in your MySQL databases you will see them. You have 2 WordPress websites installed. If you remove an unwanted WordPress site, you will free up one of your databases. This will allow you to install another program. If you want to increase your databases, You can upgrade through your AMP panel. Best Regards, James R